IPE Simulation Center

Sim Center

The Touro Simulation Center is focused on teamwork and communication.  Within a scenario, Students will be given responsibilities that fall within the disciplines they study.  The context and intended experience for each discipline should be clearly thought through.

Medical, Pharmacy, Physician Assistant and Nursing Students together are faced with obstacles and events that form common experiences around which discussions can begin.  Simulations can reveal unexpected difficulties compared to previsualizations. At the conclusion of each “scenario” event, there will be instructional critiques in order to address issues and circumstances that actually arose during those particular simulations.


What is Simulation?

Simulation is a method of teaching that allows learners to experience a representation of a real healthcare event for the purpose of practice, learning, evaluation, or testing. (SSH) Simulation Based Training has emerged as a key component of the patient safety movement and is increasingly being used to improve clinical and teamwork skills in universities, hospitals and clinics.

When applied properly, simulation-based training allows students the opportunity to learn new skills, engage in deliberate practice of those skills, and receive focused real-time feedback. The goal of simulation-based training is to enable the accelerated development of expertise, both in individual and team skills, by bridging the gap between classroom training and real world clinical experiences in a relatively risk-free environment. 

Hospitals and universities across the country are using simulation as a tool to advance the quality of health care education because learning “what to do” from a classroom lecture is one thing. Applying the knowledge when it counts is quite another. Simulation provides hands on, life like experiences to help students translate knowledge from the classroom into action at the patient’s side when and where it really counts.