2018 Course Agenda:

8:00 am


Clipper Young, PharmD, CDE  ▪  Moderator

8:10 am

High Impact Management: The Patient and their Environment

Psychosocial Aspect of Diabetes Management

Elizabeth Beverly, PhD

  1. Explore common contributors to poor diabetes self-management
  2. Apply strategies to help patients increase adherence to treatment and self-management

Antipsychotics and Diabetes 

Aili Guo, MD

  1. Review the anti-insulin effects of some commonly used psychiatric medications 
  2. Discuss ways to overcome insulin resistance in patients on psychiatric medications

Overcoming Patient resistance to insulin

Steven Barag, DO

  1. Discuss common barriers to injection therapy
  2. Implement strategies to improve utilization of insulin therapy

Syndemic: Environmental impact on CV and metabolic disease

Michael Clearfield, DO     

  1. Review the comprehensive nature of cardiovascular and metabolic disease
  2. Demonstrate the linkage between environmental factors and CV disease


10:45 am


11:00 am

Workshops (1 Session)

Dia-BEAT-it- Getting your patients to move

Joy Dugan PA-C, MPH

  1. Review the Exercise and Type 2 Diabetes Joint Position Statement on by the American Diabetes Association and American College of Sports Medicine
  2. Recommend behavioral strategies for starting and maintaining an exercise program
  3. Discuss safety concerns for patients with diabetes participating in exercise.

Practical Nutrition for Primary Care Providers

Anne Lee RD, CDE

  1. Share the evidence base for nutritional best practices for people with diabetes
  2. Implement brief interventions in primary care                                

Best practices for pharmacist and CDE integration in your practice

Nathan Painter, PharmD

  1. Identify opportunities to integrate pharmacists and CDEs into your clinical practice
  2. Discuss pharmacists’ and CDEs’ scope of practice in diabetes management

12:00 pm


1:10 pm

High Impact Management: Transitions and Treatments

Clipper Young, PharmD, CDE  ▪  Moderator

Hospital diabetes management and transitions from inpatient to home

Sumera Ahmed, MD

  1. Evaluate glycemic control in hospitalized patients
  2. Discuss diabetes medication transitions on admission and discharge

10 questions to ask before starting pharmacotherapy in T2DM

Kwabena Adubofour, MD

  1. Discuss the pathophysiology of type 2 diabetes
  2. Utilize a pathophysiologic approach to treating type 2 diabetes

Cardiovascular Disease reduction with diabetes agents

Jay Shubrook, DO

  1. Review evidence of  diabetes cardiovascular trials
  2. Use evidence based approaches to reducing cardiovascular events in diabetes


3:00 pm



Workshops (1 Session)


Practical Nutrition for Primary Care Providers

Best practices for pharmacist and CDE integration in your practice

4:15 pm

Tips From the Field (LH 160)

Panel Discussion and Case Studies with all faculty

Jay Shubrook, DO ▪  Moderator

4:50 pm


Clipper Young, PharmD, CDE

5:00 pm



Speakers, topics, and scheudle are subject to change.