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Introduction and ECE Objectives

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Touro University California College of Osteopathic Medicine (TUCOM) has a unique integrative curriculum that allows for students to acquire a sound foundation in the basic sciences while understanding how that foundation relates to patient care.  The first two years at TUCOM, known as the preclinical years, are spent on the Vallejo campus primarily learning through lecture, laboratories, small-group discussions, and simulated patient scenarios.  The workload during these preclinical years is intense, and without early clinical exposure it may be difficult for the learners to see how their current coursework relates to their long-term careers.

Early Clinical Experiences (ECE) are structured opportunities during the preclinical years for osteopathic medical students to gain exposure to clinical medicine.  These formalized activities are completed for credit as an important component of the first and second year Osteopathic Doctoring courses.  TUCOM currently offers a variety of opportunities for ECE, each of which has common objectives:

  • To increase patient contact time during the preclinical years, thereby enhancing empathy towards the patient experience and increased awareness of doctor-patient relationships
  • To increase curiosity, interest, and humanism of the disease processes that are observed and discussed, thereby motivating learners and making the material easier to remember
  • Provide authentic examples of how basic science relates to the clinical aspects of medicine

Currently, the Early Clinical Experiences program at TUCOM consists of spending at least one hour at a designated ECE site once per semester during the preclinical years (4 times total during the first 2 years of medical school.)  One of the students’ ECEs each academic year must be at an osteopathically-focused site (SRFC, SAAO Lunchtime Clinic, Suitcase Clinics, Health Fair providing OMT, etc). 

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TUCOM Early Clinical Experiences Student Expectations

  • Complete all prerequisites prior to starting your ECE:
  • Show up to your designated ECE site on time (ideally 10 minutes early)
  • Bring all necessary paperwork (including the preceptor form, and potentially the student’s immunization/titer records and malpractice insurance information depending on the site’s requirements)
  • Dress professionally (with a clean white coat and name tag)
  • Notify the ECE site, Dr. Hendriksz, and Ms. Grimsley a minimum of 72 hours in advance if you cannot attend your scheduled ECE session -failure to do so (without an excused absence) will result in a negative Professionalism Report and potential failure of the Osteopathic Doctoring course
  • Be enthusiastic with an open mind and willingness to learn from the experience
  • Behave in a respectful and professional manner that is representative of yourself, TUCOM, and all osteopathic physicians
  • Turn in all required paperwork to Ms. Grimsley within 72 hours of completion of your ECE session
  • Required paperwork:
    • ECE Student Site Evaluation Form
    • ECE Preceptor Form (signed by your preceptor)
    •         Either:
    • Written H&P or SOAP note on a patient you saw during the ECE, or
    • Written paragraph summarizing your ECE experience


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TUCOM ECE Contact Information

Sr. Administrative Coordinator/Academic Support Manager:
Ms. Marilyn Grimsley,

Assistant Dean of Clinical Integration:
Dr. Tami Hendriksz, 707-638-5910,