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TUCOM Gold Humanism Honor Society

In March of 2015, the TUCOM-GHHS accepted the exceptional members from the Class of 2016 to its sixth cohort.

It was an extremely difficult decision due to the large number of highly qualified and worthy nominees. 

These student physicians were initially nominated by their peers, then narrowed down and further selected by the TUCOM-GHHS Selection Committee based upon their embodiment of the ideals of humanism in medicineCompassion, Professionalism, Commitment to the highest standard of patient care, Ethics, and Volunteering in the community.

Please join us as we congratulate and welcome our new members (in alphabetical order): 

Abigail Lukens
Alex Meilan
Alicia Zhou
Ariff Moolla
Atiff Saleem
Caitlin Perry
Celia Chao
Daniel Spicer
Irene Smarr
Irina Usach
Jeremiah Pamer
Jesse Alifano
Lauren Piacente
Lauren Sobel
Lian Quach
Michael Ruderman
Rachel Buttitta
Robert Armstrong
Rodger Ruby
Sara Modlin
Viet-thi Ta
Zachary Landau 

We look to these members to help mature our chapter of the internationally recognized GHHS, and to bring more events and focus on Humanism in Medicine to our campus and community.


PictureMission of the TUCOM GHHS

The Gold Humanism Honor Society (GHHS) chapter at Touro University, California, recognizes osteopathic medical students who strive to demonstrate and promote humanistic qualities, and who evoke a sense of compassion, trust and integrity in their patients and colleagues. TUCOM GHHS aims to fully integrate humanism into all areas of the university and promote humanism throughout all four years of students' education and beyond. GHHS is a national honor society established by the Arnold P. Gold Foundation.  
                            Their website may be accessed here: http://www.humanism-in-medicine.org

Members will be nominated by their peers in their third year. The top nominees will then be selected by faculty comprising the Selection Committee, and asked to submit a Humanism Portfolio. As set forth by the Gold Foundation, up to 10-15% of the class may be inducted.
All candidates inducted into TUCOM GHHS embody the ideals of humanism, demonstrated by:
     -An osteopathic understanding of the mind, body and spirit connection
     -Caring and kindhearted to all
     -Professionalism with colleagues and patients
     -Commitment to the highest standard of patient care
     -Ethical in all situations  
The induction ceremony for the honorees will be a formal dinner held in May or June (coinciding with the timing of Callbacks for that class). Honorees may invite friends and family to share in this momentous occasion. 

For more information on the TUCOM Gold Humanism Honor Society visit http://www.tuca-ghhs.org/