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     GH Pathway Certificate




The GH Pathway is a structured, longitudinal (4-yr) multiple requirements track available to enrolled medical students. It is designed for students interested in careers dedicated to improving global and local health disparities. Students complete coursework, service projects, and international experiences designed to meet the following learning objectives:
  • Develop an awareness of the key diseases affecting health in lower and middle income countries (LMIC), and the health systems in which these diseases are treated.
  • Understand the economic, political, environmental, and social factors responsible for global health disparities.
  • Learn to provide compassionate and effective medical care to patients within different cultural frameworks and in areas with limited resources.
  • Develop a multidisciplinary and multicultural perspective towards global health.
  • Learn to collaborate effectively with professionals from diverse academic disciplines and different cultural backgrounds.
  • Gain insight and experience into the ways research can help address global health issues.


A.                Required Course Work

Attendance at two of the Global Health elective courses offered at TUCOM 
1.                  Fall Elective: Fundamentals of GH I (BSCI 668)
2.                  Spring Elective: Fundamentals of GH 2 (BSCI 669)

B.                 Required GH-Related Field Experience

Completion of any two of the four following activities
1.                  International Activities
(at least one international activity is required) 
a)                  Summer internship: Global Health (BSCI 670)
b)                  International elective rotation
2.                  Underserved Community-Based GH Activities
Completion of 40 hours at
a)                  Touro University Student Run Free Clinic  or
b)                  Student-initiated activities that serve underserved communities

C.                GH-Related Leadership Activities

Completion of any two of the following activities
1.                  Global Health Ethics Course (Online)               
2.                  Participation in GH Conference Workshops
3.                  Establish/Present GH topics in student clubs
4.                  GH Annual Newsletter

D.                GHP-Approved Mentored Scholarly Project (SP)

Completion of a mentored project addressing a global health-related topic and dissemination of the scholarly product including abstracts, posters, or talks in conferences

For application and any further information, please contact Dr. Athena Lin 

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