International clinical rotations provide the opportunity to learn in a global environment. The intern contributes to a community's resources and to the solution of health problems while developing clinical skill, personal confidence and leadership as a health professional.

A planned, supervised internship and the preparation leading to it foster professional development in several areas: 

  • The application of primary care health core knowledge and specialty skills 
  • The development of new practice-based skills 
  • Attention to professional self-assessment and personal growth


International clinical rotations are available for OMS III & IV. Minimum duration of the rotation is 4 weeks. The dates may vary according to the site.
The student must be in good academic standing. Applications from students who are on academic probation will not be accepted.
The sites for international clinical rotations must be from the list below. All attempts are being made to continually expand this offering. Rotations may be performed at other locations as vacation time and will not be credited toward fulfilling the requirements for graduation from TUCOM California.


The student must submit the following to the department of Clinical Education by email or hard copy. Forms should be submitted at least 90 days prior to the date of rotation: 

  • Student Information form (hard copy or email to
  • Site approval from Global Health office (email 
  • Rotation approval will be from the Clinical Education Department, following the regular format for all rotations. 
  • TU-CA Waiver of Liability form (hard copy). 
  • Vaccination Record (hard copy). 
  • Travel Health Insurance form (submit hard copy upon approval of rotation).

Click here to download the application packet.

Once all of the above has been submitted, the student will be provided with an approval notification via letter or email in order for him/her to proceed with travel arrangements. Review of the application forms takes no longer than five business days and every effort will be made to ensure the adequacy and success of your rotation.

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