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Jimma University Hospital, Jimma

Debra Marcos University Hospital , Debra Marcos


Summer internship June/July

Clinical rotations All throughout the year


Site is ideal for Elective Clinical Rotations for OMS III and OMS IV in OB/GYN, Pediatric, and Internal Medicine. And the summer internships opportunities include Clinical teaching, Research and Community Service. The student handbooks for Jimma and Debre Markos are available for detail information.


Jimma town, the capital of Jimma Zone is located in southwest Ethiopia 335 km from Addis Ababa. The altitude is 1700 m above sea level.
Jimma Hospital was established 60 years ago during the Italian Invasion. It is the only specialized referral hospital in southwest Ethiopia. It is located 3km from town. In 1984, following the defeat of the Italian force, the Ethiopian Ministry of Health coordinated Jimma Hospital as a hospital for the people. It became a training center for doctors, nurses, pharmacy technicians, and laboratory technicians, although it’s initial purpose of the establishment had been to serve the invading soldiers. From 1991-2001 the Oromiya Regional Government Health Bureau ran the hospital. Since 2001, Jimma University has taken over the administration and performed renovation and budget and service improvements. Jimma University hospital is a referral hospital. There are 350 beds including surgery, pediatrics, gynecology & obstetrics, internal medicine, psychiatry, ophthalmology and other departments.

Debra Marcos located 300 km NW of Addis Ababa. The Debra Marcos hospital is a district hospital


Country, Travel, & Students

Everything you need to know before traveling to Ethiopia can be found here.

Service Projects

Project Share|Diabetes Control Initiative|Infectious Disease Control

Touro University Coordinators

Eiman Mahmoud MD
Abraham Haile Amlak, MD

Global Health


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