1. Provide exposure to diseases not generally encountered during US medical training. 
  2. Develop medical skills with less reliance on modern technology. 
  3. Provide cross cultural medical experience beyond what is possible in the US. 
  4. Allow students to develop their sense of altruism. 
  5. Expose students to the future possibilities of working in developing countries and/or underserved populations. 
  6. Understand the interaction between health and social, cultural and environmental issues.


The student must be in good academic standing. Applications from students who are on academic probation will not be accepted.
Students participating in the summer internship must register for the prerequisite spring global health elective course. This course is established to follow the mission of Touro University to prepare students to deliver primary care to the under served, to teach, to learn and to serve. The course will present an overview of issues in global health from the viewpoint of many different disciplines.

To Apply: Click here and electronically submit to Dr. Eiman Mahmoud


Depending on the site, internships may include hospital rotations, outpatient clinics, specialty clinics, health centers, community service and or research opportunities. See each site for details.     


Through the summer internship program, students will be able to: 

  1. Integrate global public health theory, knowledge and skills in a practice setting; 
  2. Complete a defined project(s) in an area of global health practice including core global health functions such as a needs assessment, program plan, program evaluation, educational campaign, applied research project; 
  3. Exhibit proficiency in at least one of the following areas: program planning, needs assessment and data gathering, program implementation, applied research, program evaluation, or data analysis under the guidance of an experienced preceptor ; 
  4. Demonstrate competence in a global public health practice setting; 
  5. Demonstrate leadership, teamwork, communication skills, and creativity in the development of a global public health practice activity; 
  6. Integrate clinical theory with bed side diagnosis and management in endemic diseases; and 
  7. Demonstrate cultural sensitivity and competency


The Global health summer internship involves: 

  • Clinical didactic training in diagnosis and management of endemic diseases; 
  • Participation in “project-oriented” work in a global public health setting. Examples of appropriate tasks may include the following, but are not limited to involvement in:
    • Developing, implementing and or evaluating health promotion programs for specific population(s);
    • Conducting research on a global health issue of interest;
    • Conducting a community needs assessment ;
    • Coalition building and coordination of resources;
    • Developing, health education materials;
    • Contributing to the development of grant proposals benefiting the community
    • Communicating health education needs and information to policy makers and the public 
  • Development of a plan to implement the selected project; 
  • Fund raising for community based projects; and 
  • Presentation of project findings in that addresses a health issue of the community and contributes in resolving practical health problems.

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