The goal of this component of your summer internship is to integrate, learning, practice with service and scholarship. The Guidelines will serve as an essential tool to promote research and scholarly activities that seeks to improve the health, well being and health care needs of local population and promote partnerships

The students are encouraged to participate in service projects and associated observational studies/ research topics individually or as a team.
For each area of study the student will be provided with a supervisor from the hospital team and a Touro faculty to carry out the study.

The students will have the opportunity during the fall semester following the summer program to present their work during the monthly brown bag presentations to the campus community.

Students may choose any format for the integration of scholarship with practice:

1. A case study:

  • Case background
  • Problems
  • Solutions
  • Implementation
  • Evaluation

2. Journal

  • What are you learning
  • Your role
  • Challenges or dilemmas an how you or the hospital, community responded to them
  • Methodological challenges
  • Congruence between theory and practice
  • Insight about you knowledge, skill, work style. values and beliefs
  • Unexpected rewards and opportunities
  • Important or unanswered questions and areas for future research

3. Conference-Quality Poster

  • Heading
  • Student’s name & contact information
  • Text:
    • name and location of hospital or community
    • mission, goals and objectives
    • description of the population served
    • description of the project, results and findings
    • critical analysis or reflections
4. Creative Presentation/Report
  • Need assessment
  • Project plan
  • Strategy
  • Evaluation

5. Other Format
  • Video, world wide web or photography

The final project/study should incorporate critical thinking and analysis to create new scientific knowledge and to catalyze its translation into improved health, more effective health services and products, and a strengthened the local health care system. We want the results of our research to be applicable in the “real world’ to the international health problems.

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