WARM Mentorship and Professionalism Page

Our mission as COM Mentors is to: "Motivate, empower and mentor students in their academic and professional goals, teach by example, facilitate their learning and raise the performance bar."

On behalf of Dr. Velasco:

Welcome to the TUCOM Wellness, Academic Achievement, Resilience, Mindfulness (WARM) Mentorship and Professionalism page. This page will direct students, faculty and staff on the Mentorship and Professionalism Protocols.

The WARM Mentorship Program is a critical element to our student's success. Each year every incoming student doctor is assigned an individual academic mentor. Mentors monitor students' performance and offer counsel and resources to facilitate students' academic progress and success.


  • To meet with mentees in the fall and the spring of each of their first two years.
  • To fill out the Faculty Mentor Response Form
  • To contact mentees if they have not heard from them by their designated due dates.
  • Faculty will notify the Chair of Professionalism, Senior Associate Dean, Dr. Richard Riemer, via the Professionalism Report form, if the student displays positive professional behavior that distinguishes them from their peers or if there are any concerns regarding professionalism in any student.


  • To contact their mentor to set up a meeting.
  • To meet with their mentor in the fall and in the spring of each of their first two years.
  • To fill out their Student Interview Mentor Form before their mentorship meeting.
  • Students may formally change mentors after their first mentorship meeting.  Students must attain permission from the Associate Dean for Preclinical Education informing them of the switch. The switch form with directions is located here on this page.

Meeting with your mentor during the preclinical years is a requirement that aims at modelling expected professionalism behaviors. Students failing to meet with their mentors as required will be subject to a negative professionalism citation in their preclinical records and may be referred to the Professionalism Committee.

See an example of the Mentor Form below, although as of the Fall of 2017 it is electronic: