White Coat Ceremony

When is the White Coat Ceremony?

The White Coat Ceremony is scheduled to take place on Sunday, Sept. 8 2019 starting at 10:00 AM. Students are asked to report to the LH Gym at time 9:00 AM.

Family and guests may arrive and begin to be seated in the Auditorium at 1 hour before the ceremony. The ceremony will last approximately 2.5 hours. Please note that some seats will be reserved, we ask that family and guests not sit in those seats.

What is the White Coat Ceremony?

The white coat is a symbolic, non-verbal communication used to express and reaffirm a fundamental belief in a system that society observes. The authority of dress is serious and purposeful, not social, casual, or random. It is a guide to patient and doctor on how to react. Hippocrates advised doctors how they should dress. The dress of healers of primitive societies was an important part of the paraphernalia of healing. The uniform should imply a purely professional interest. It must convey to even the most anxious a  sense of seriousness and purpose that helps provide reassurance and confidence that his/her complaints will be dealt with competently and seriously. The white coat provides a milieu for you to become physicians. It is a cloak of compassion. The White Coat Ceremony was developed to honor our medical students as they accept the responsibility of the doctor-patient relationship and the professionalism within the practice of medicine. 

Tickets are not necessary for admission to the COM White Coat Ceremony. We anticipate three to five guests per student. If you have any questions please contact Arielle Vale at: arielle.vale@tu.edu.


White Coat Frequently Asked Questions:

White Coat Frequently Asked Questions:


What should I wear to the ceremony?

Traditionally students tend to dress in business casual attire although some students do dress up.


Should I wear my picture ID badge?

Please do NOT wear your student picture ID badge during the ceremony, but please bring the index card with your name that was in the pocket of your white coat.


Will there be photos? There will be photographer to take your picture on the stage. We need all family members to remain in their seats to ensure Auditorium safety. There will also be a class photo taken IMMEDIATELY following the White Coat Ceremony on the Lander Hall stairs.

Upon conclusion of the ceremony, please exit the auditorium with your class and proceed to the Lander Hall steps for your class photo. Please wait to greet your guests who will need to remain inside the Lander Hall lobby or gym until after the photographs are completed.


May I purchase photos? How soon will they be available?

The photographer’s name is Shawn Miller and his website is SHAWNSDESIGN.COM. He may be contacted to order photos at: (707) 332-4071 or at shawn_32@pacbell.net. Photos will be available 2 business days after the ceremony.


What should my family/friends do when they arrive and after the ceremony?

Your family and guests may arrive with you, but we will ask that they go directly to the Auditorium to be seated. As we expect to have a full auditorium, late arrivals may however not be able to sit together. Any guests who are saving seats may be asked to give up those seats at 12:45 PM in order to accommodate newly arriving family/friends who may not otherwise be able to find seats.


What do we do when we arrive on Sunday? 

Students will go to the gym. Students will line up in alpha number order in the gym in order to process to the auditorium together.


How do we get coated?

Please follow the following procedure:

When you are directed, your row will be asked to rise (one row at a time) to approach the stage to be coated. Please bring your coat with you unbuttoned and folded over your left arm.

You will turn and face left and then proceed through the side left door to the outside of the auditorium and then turn right to go up the side outside stairs that lead back stage.

Once back stage, you will hand your index card to the designated staff person when asked.

The index cards will then be given to the readers.  As your name is read, you will walk to the coater who will then coat you.

You will then proceed to the photography spot on the stage to get photographed – remember to smile.

You will next proceed to the designated area to shake hands and receive your certificate.

You will then exit the stage and return to your seat.

At the conclusion of your ceremony, a class photo will be taken on the Lander Hall stairs.


Where can I meet my family/friends after the ceremony?

In the gym. We ask all family, faculty, and friends to go to the gym until after your class photo has been completed.