Academic Programs

At Touro University College of Osteopathic Medicine we prepare students to become outstanding professional at the forefront of the scientific, professional and technical areas of expertise, along with their personal and human development. We offer a DO program that integrates biological, clinical, behavioral and social sciences to educate physicians for primary and specialty care, following the osteopathic principles in the maintenance of health and treatment of disease. The DO curriculum is structured into preclinical and clinical education, two years each, for a total of four years. The MSMHS is a one year program that develops the academic and scientific knowledge base and strengthens a prospective medical student’s credentials for admission to medical school by offering a strong basic science curriculum and individually mentored research internships. The OMM Department also offers a Fellowship in Osteopathic Medicine to develop the practice, teaching and research expertise of fellows who also help students develop their OMM diagnostic and treatment skills. Pre and postdoctoral research fellowships and rotations are also offered by all departments, further strengthening the research capacity of the College.