The primary mission of the Basic Science Department is to deliver to osteopathic physicians-in-training an integrated program of Basic Science by use of innovative approaches throughout their medical education experience.
Faculty contribute expertise in the subject disciplines of biochemistry, histology, gross anatomy, immunology, microbiology, neuroscience, pathology, pharmacology, and physiology; establishing a comprehensive curriculum delivered within an effective learning environment. The Department's curricular teaching responsibilties are focused on the College’s preclinical Integrated Systems and Fundamentals of Osteopathic Medicine courses (Basic Science-Academics) in collaboration with the Primary Care and OMM Departments. In addition, various Basic Science faculty provide instruction for the COM Master of Science in Medical Health Sciences (MSMHS) and CEHS Physician Assistant and Public Health degree programs.
Students are also provided with a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities by Basic Science faculty to develop the knowledge and understanding necessary for the delivery of professional healthcare services through faculty research and community service activities as well as  coordination of the Global Health program.
Thus, the Basic Science Department strives to cultivate collaboration among students, faculty, administration, and the local and international communities in pursuit of its commitment to excellence in education, service, and research. 




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