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Many developing countries rely on an eroding primary care and public health infrastructure to meet the challenges of increasing population, the emergence and reemergence of infectious diseases, the spread of HIV/AIDS, and migration caused by civil strife, drought, and economic pressures. Well-prepared and resourceful primary care physicians and public health professionals will be a critical part of an effective response to these public health crises.
The Touro University Program in Global Health will ground the teaching of global health in the complex realities of local communities and health service institutions through an integrated curriculum of case-based courses, research apprenticeships, elective rotations, summer internships, and clinical and public health practicum. For more information, please contact Program Director Dr. Eiman Mahmoud.


The mission of the Global Health Program at Touro University is to promote the interest of our medical and healthcare students on global health through education, research, and community service.
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"The Touro University Global Health Initiative gives students, such as myself, the opportunity to dream; the opportunity to see what is possible internationally; the opportunity to take what is inside of us and turn it into tangible change in the fields of international health and global health care."

Jesse Rohde, Class 2008, Co-Founder, TUCOM International Health Initiative, IFMSA-Global, Standing Committee on Refugees and Peace, Regional Assistant, The Americas IFMSA-USA, Disasters and Emergencies Coordinator, Harvard School of Public Health, MPH - International Health – Albert Schweitzer award winner – Harvard School of Public Health


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