Professionalism Committee


Scope of the Professionalism Committee:

A. The Committee serves as a resource for all issues as they relate to Academic Integrity and Professionalism.
B. The Committee develops the TUCOM Professionalism bylaws, policies, and procedures.
C. The Committee evaluates, responds to, and adjudicates potential violations of academic
integrity and professionalism.
D. The Committee shares all violations of academic integrity and professionalism with the
Chief Academic Integrity Officer in compliance with the TCUS policy and procedures.
E. The Committee participates in Clinical Faculty Development for professionalism, and
may advise on curriculum matters, but does not create curricular content. The latter is
the province of the Course Director(s) and teaching faculty.
F. The Committee participates in the TUCOM medical student orientation by presenting an
overview and introductory lecture on Academic Integrity and Professionalism.
G. The Committee creates a repository of materials for remediation of professionalism
H. The Committee may communicate with the Student Promotions Committee,
Compliance Officers, Student Mental Health Services, the Registrar’s Office, the Bursar’s
Office, Dean of Student Affairs, the Provost of Touro University California, and the
Dean of TUCOM as required and according to policies outlined herein.
I. The Committee serves as a repository of all student records as they pertain to Academic
Integrity and Professionalism, pursuant to the TCUS Recordkeeping Policy.

By-laws - Policies and Procedures

Reporting Forms:

Student Reporting Form: This form may be used by students to report incidents of both positive and negative professionalism issues.

Academic Integrity Violations Reporting Form: This form should be used by faculty and staff to report violations of acdemic integrity and professionalism.